Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Flying Swordsmen can do for your game Pt. 1

Want to add fight scenes like this to your game without a lot of complicated rules?

Then check out Flying Swordsmen!  Links at the top of the blog.

[Video clip from the 2009 TV series Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre.  Yes, I'm too busy to post a content post today, so you get some cool things to watch instead.]


  1. Flying Swordsmen is great! I would have paid for this and it belongs in the osr pantheon with Vornheim, Stonehell, ASE and Carcosa. I am tempted to port into the American West. Thank you.

  2. Backswords and Bucklers and Flying Swordsmen are my two favorite OSR rule books to date.

    I'm going to make a FS character next week, to put the system through its paces.

  3. My Pathfinder DM says he wishes he'd seen it sooner - would have switched to it instead of the Pathfinder with Asian flavour he does now. Oh well...

  4. The Wing Kong must have dug a pit trap in the meantime! Think I'll screen some of my HK flicks for FS NPCs (different from the appendix listings).

  5. I can do that. I just don't want to. ;-)