Friday, March 16, 2012

Another take on Swashbuckling

I'm sure most people reading this blog are familiar with the super simple rules for combat maneuvers from the Bumblers.

Jeremy reminded me of them the other day when I was praising the Pathfinder Combat Maneuver Bonus/Defense mechanic.

While I like the simplicity and ease of use of Paizo's mechanic, the Bumblers' idea also is really cool and looks to be a worthwhile addition.  The only reason I haven't used it up until now is because I don't use critical hits in my games.

But I did have an idea a while back, formed from their idea and some of the monsters that can swallow you whole.  There's quite a variety of ways in which they swallow.  On a natural 20 only.  On a 19 or 20.  Four or more above the target's AC or a 20.

A simple system like that could be used for PC classes.  Maybe a Magic-User needs a natural 20 to force the maneuver to succeed (but not if they only hit on a 20).  Clerics succeed on a natural 20 regardless.  Thieves on a natural 19 or 20.  Fighters on a natural 19 or 20, or 4 above the target's AC.

As usual, if the attack hits but isn't a 'crit' then the opponent gets to decide if they want to accept the results of the maneuver, or else just take normal damage.

I'll have to think about which I want to use.

Unrelated notes:
Beast of the Week coming soon
I'm done with my Flying Swordsmen edit...I think.  Looks like I'll be releasing it tomorrow after all.

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  1. You should check out the Adventurer Conquerer King combat maneuver system. Pretty nifty, I think...basically for any combat maneuver you want to execute, you roll an attack at -4. If a hit, then your opponent must save vs. paralysis or be disarmed, grappled, etc. It's got a bit more to it than that for each type of maneuver, but not much more than that.