Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Something else

Enough with promoting Flying Swordsmen.  Over 250 people have downloaded it in the past four days.  That's really cool.  Now to talk about something else.

There are a couple of new blogs to promote!

Lee B, who did the cover and character sheet layout for FSRPG is working on a very light fantasy RPG system he's calling Argots & Armor.  It's looking to me like a mesh of Classic D&D and maybe something like The Fantasy Trip (a system I've only heard about on other blogs).  Really cut down, flavorful stuff though.  Check it out at The Plateau of XOLGMOD.  Lee also plans to do some character/monster illos for Flying Swordsmen in the future.

Another blog to check out is that of my buddy Steve, from my old Ebisu Gaming Group in Tokyo.  Steve was our "Tarrantino" DM.  Going by the internet alias H-Town, he's got a new blog appropriately titled 3d6 (why no one grabbed that name before now is a mystery!).  He's working on both a "D&D Mine" system, and a campaign world with some interesting stuff in there.


  1. Well, you can be done talking about FS, but I'm not! I skimmed it the other day and I'm going to make a character in the next few days. Very impressive work.

  2. Come on, of course I'm not done talking about it. Just taking a little break. ;)