Resources and Freebies

 Here are links to some adventures, resources, and random stuff you might find useful.

The Derelict: A Star Frontiers Adventure

The PCs set out to rescue a stranded crew, and may end up exploring a long lost prison ship from an unknown species.

Beast of the Week Collection

All of the monsters I created when I was making a new monster for D&D every week. Taken from mythology, pop culture, and whatever inspired me week by week. Stats in BX/BECMI format, but not too hard to modify for whatever system you choose.

The Vaults of Ur: The Big Book of Misadventure

Campaign chronicle of a campaign by Justin Howe, with play reports by myself, Dean Flemming, and Jeremy Hart, plus original art by the above, and some pictures used in my blog posts of the campaign.

Unique Magic Weapons

A collection of named and described magic weapons in order to make "sword +1" less boring. Mostly taken from legends, fiction, or film. 

Unique Magic Armors and Shields

The magic weapon treatment given to armor and shields.

Unique Magic Wands, Staves, and Rods

The same treatment given to the magical implements.

Random Martial Arts Style Generator

Need a cool nickname (style) for your martial arts character? Roll some dice and find one!

Great Dungeon Random Encounter Charts

The wandering monster tables for my old megadungeon, Yeffal's Great Dungeon. The dungeon was pretty great. No promises that these encounter tables are great or not.

Potions Chart

A list of potions for my old megadungeon campaign. Each potion's color/appearance/consistency and odor/flavor were listed.

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