Friday, June 24, 2011

Rolling Up Characters

I've got nothing to say about this week's OSR shield debate.  And I've had limited time for gaming stuff. 

Besides working on some edits of Flying Swordsmen (thanks, Matt and David!) and arranging for some art (thanks, Dylan!), I've been pouring over various Palladium books to try to figure out what sort of character I want to play.

Palladium's biggest problem as far as I'm concerned, is that everything DOES play well together (well, maybe except anything with megadamage).  Still, after going through most of Ninjas & Superspies, and returning to TMNT and Heroes Unlimited (still haven't cracked open Mystic China but I may be OK without it) I think I've figured out what I want to play out of the hundreds of options available.  I'm not sure when Alex is going to get his game prepped and ready to play, but I'm more or less ready to roll up my guy.

I'm also going to be rolling up some sample characters for Flying Swordsmen today and tomorrow.  I'll maybe do a few playtests with them, and I'll be using them both for examples in the rule book and as characters in the flavor text. 

So I've got character generation on the brain, not shields.


  1. Yeah, megadamage is one of those things that you need to go all the way with or not use at all. If everyone can have access to megadamage gear it'll work out okay, but if you mix and match MDC characters with non-MDC characters the non-MDC guys are going to end up stains on the ground if they get hit.

    Generally you don't see megadamage pop up in TMNT, N&S and Heroes Unlimited though.

  2. Yeah, I keep reading about it on other blogs, and hearing horror stories from the other guys. And it just seems kinda pointless to go through the trouble to roll up some non-MDC character, full of otherwise awesome powers, then have to give them some MDC armor and a megadamage pistol so they can keep up with the others.