Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Not really feeling anything worth posting lately.  Working on the FSRPG map and campaign setting description, doing some reading, playing with my son.  That's my free time these days.  A bit of blog reading as well.  But nothing to write about.

Oh well, inspiration will come soon enough.  Until then, roll some natural 20's, everyone.


  1. Yeah, the blogosphere as been a bit quiet the past week or so. I think everybody's feeling it.

  2. Well, Gwyd, perhaps we should follow blogosphere tradition and start an unholy row over some trivial mechanic.

    Here, I'll start: GMs should make players count the encumberance of their characters' clothing against their encumberence limit. If you don't, then you play lame ass socialist softball D&D for simpletons and liberals! LIBERALS! In my true, hard core old school game, you WILL add five pounds for clothing.

    Wait...did I say pounds? I meant 50 cns. Pounds are for people who play that third edition crap. I bet the next edition will use the *gag* Metric System! Philistines!

  3. Ryan, seriously? Coin weight as encumbrance? What a stupid idea! Gygax must have been hopped up on some wicked shrooms to even think about that! Have you picked up ten coins lately? Not even close to a pound!

    And how could you hate on the metric system? You're probably one of those weirdos who would rather make everyone at the table learn to measure in fathoms, leagues, stone, and all those other obsolete measurement terms. This is a GAME! NOT a classroom assignment! Don't make me work for my fun!

    [should I throw in a few LOLcats here? Is that what the kids do these days?]

  4. No, sir. LOLcats denote jest, and you and I are being deadly serious.