Monday, June 20, 2011

Gruesome Death on Gamma Terra

Warning: a few spoilers about Module GW6 Alpha Factor.

We got together last Saturday evening for some more Gamma World.  We had another new player, Adam, who is a co-worker of Jeremy's.  Another good guy, and a lot of fun to play with.  3E's his preferred system, but he didn't have any complaints about running a simpler system.

We played at Pat's place, which is fairly small, but luckily we all fit.  We may have yet more people joining (Alex potentially getting in on it, another friend of Jeremy's named Chris, and maybe a Korean guy Jeremy knows as well).  If that happens, we'll need a new place to play next time!

Anyway, about the game.  Adam rolled up Tom Petty from The Postman.  A PSH Examiner.  While we were doing that, Jeremy also rolled up a new character just for fun to keep as a reserve.  With a 4th player, we decided we only needed to play one PC each, so I took my Cougar Esper Linka, Pat played his Sentient Cactus Scout Jar-Jar-Jar, and Jeremy played his Bull Enforcer Saeng. 

We joined up with Tom Petty, did a bit more RP around town (finding out that the Ranks of the Fit are paranoid about being invaded), waited out another volleyball sized hail storm, then set out for the Mind Keep.

We made it to the obviously artificial plateau without event, used the grappling mortar we'd been given to scale the sides rather than take the road, which we heard was mined, and arrived in a large cactus patch.  Across the patch, most of the plateau was barren, with several installations and buildings, mostly clustered in the center.  Crossing the cacti, Tom Petty had to ride on Saeng's shoulders because he was the only one in light armor and would have taken damage otherwise.  And we were attacked by mutant lizard-scorpion things on the way.  They had tough carapaces so were hard to hit, but luckily their Mental Defense was low.  They spent a lot of time grappling, and Saeng used Confusion to keep them from doing too much damage to us, while hitting them with his ax.  Linka used Mental Blast to good effect as well.  Jar-Jar-Jar took a lot of punishment, and Tom Petty took some as well, but we managed to defeat them and looted their lair, which had a few not-so-useful at the moment things, like two pairs of downhill skis.

Having defeated the guardians, we proceeded to explore the plateau.  The main complex had lots of skeletons on the roof, so we decided not to try to climb the walls.  We also avoided the obvious front door.  Off to the east, there was a hatch set in the surface.  We tried opening it, but had no luck.  Saeng the Bull decided he was going to charge it with his horns over and over until he bashed it in.  While he was doing that, Tom Petty watched from a short distance away.  Linka and Jar-Jar-Jar went to investigate a small concrete tower we hadn't been able to see from the south side.

The tower was some sort of exhaust port.  There was a metal grate on top.  When Linka jumped up, her fur started standing on end.  Jar-Jar-Jar, who has ultravision, was able to detect an electrical field about 60cm down under the grate.  We called Saeng and Tom Petty over, but Saeng bull-headedly persisted at bashing the hatch.  Tom unsuccessfully tried to find a way to ground or short circuit the electrical field with some copper wire.  Then it happened.


The hatch was booby trapped with an alpha bomb, which vaporized poor Saeng.  His reinforced skeleton ended up flying all the way back to the RotF village, where they erected it as a statue.  Luckily, the rest of us were all over on the vent thing, so we didn't get caught up in the blast.  And we've got a way into the complex now, too.

After a good laugh all around, Jeremy's new character dropped in by hot air balloon, after witnessing the explosion.  If anyone else shows up next session, we'll also be able to conveniently have them also be passengers on the balloon, since we ended the session there.

It was a short game, and not a whole lot happened, but it sure was fun!  Kudos to Josh for running a great session.  Gamma World really fits his style of GMing well, I think.

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