Sunday, June 26, 2011


I spent about 10 minutes yesterday afternoon doing a rough sketch of a map for Flying Swordsmen RPG's campaign world.  I spent some time this morning before my son woke up detailing coastlines, then sketching in mountains and rivers.  This evening, I detailed the mountains and rivers. 

Now I've scanned it just to put it up here and show off where I am so far.  My sketch pad is too big for my scanner, so I had to do it in two parts and edited them together roughly.  The seam is obvious, but this is just for posterity.  I'll be adding in forests and deserts next, then finally cities, roads, and provincial borders and labels over the next few days.

I only got two of my sample characters rolled up so far, but I've been having fun with the map.

Also, I've got another artist lined up to help, Jacob from the Yamanashi Group.  Things are coming along with this little project of mine.


  1. Inking the rivers in blue is a striking way to partition the map reminding players of the importance of bridges. Nice.