Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!

Are there any magic items that are unique to one version of D&D (only appeared in one of the following: OD&D, Holmes, AD&D 1E, BX, BECMI/RC, AD&D 2E, D&D 3E, D&D 4E, or a clone like C&C, LL, S&W, OSRIC, LotFP: WFRPOHMYGODHOWLONGCANTHISACRONYMGET*, etc.) that you feel like you couldn't run the game without?

Holmes' weird scrolls?  Something from UA that didn't ever appear again?  One of Frank's from the Companion Set?  Something from a module or supplement?  Something someone added to a clone that you now wish the game had had all along?

Basically, is there any item that you feel is so iconic that D&D wouldn't be the same without it, but it only appears in one set (as far as you know, anyway). 

Or if there's a monster or spell, or something similar, go ahead and share that, too.

And shoot the hostage.

From orbit.

With a nuke.

It's the only way to be sure.

*Just kidding, Raggi!


  1. No. In my opinion all known classes, races, spells, magic items and monsters are replacable. The way these items interact with each other is much more important.

  2. Well if you're including AD&D then I'd have to say I can't imagine playing "D&D" without the Barbarian. I hate most of the implementations, but damn if I don't like the idea. Magic Missile isn't included in OD&D, so I'd say that counts too.

  3. For me, one item could be the staff of healing - it's heavily featured in Moldvay BX and classic D&D, but didn't have an equivalent version in AD&D.

    (Remember, the BX version will heal an unlimited number of people per day, no charges, but any one person can only be healed once per day).