Monday, March 21, 2011

Got some gaming in yesterday

As often happens with our Board Game Group, we had invited plenty of people, and lots of them had said they'd come out.  But only a few of us managed it.  Some of the guys had gotten together on Saturday to play Axis and Allies though, then were out drinking till the wee hours, so only Pat made it from that group.  Steve, Hong and I were the other players early on.  Joe showed up late, just after Hong left and shortly before Pat and Steve had to go.

Despite the low turnout, we had some good games.  We had a couple of false starts, as well.  We played a round of Medici which I almost won (getting better at that one), We tried Torres (for the first time for everyone but Steve, and he'd only played it once or twice), but something seemed wrong.  We only had the Korean instructions provided by the board game cafe, so we stopped the game after the first Phase and decided to look up the rules and make sure we were doing it right.  Definitely plan to give it a try later.  We played Pueblo next, which I lost spectacularly.

When Hong left, we started a new game of Steve's, Red Dragon Inn.  We didn't get a full game in because Joe showed up and we had limited time before Pat had to go and Joe wanted to give Dominion another whirl.  But Red Dragon Inn was a nice little game.  This is also the sort of game that I'm sure most of my readers would enjoy, as the premise is each player is an adventurer back from the dungeon with gold, and are drinking and gambling it away in the inn.  There are a couple different versions out there.  Steve's copy has a half-ogre, bard, dwarf and um, forgot the other one instead of the ones listed in the link above.

We got our game of Dominion in, then Joe and I played a game of Blokus (the only game I won all afternoon).

We all want to get back to gaming regularly.  One problem though is that everyone's hoping they can pick a time where I'll be able to attend all the time.  Unfortunately, with my schedule that isn't gonna happen.  Hopefully they'll just pick a time, stick to it, and I'll show up as often as I can.

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