Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Expect a slowdown

My graduate school course starts tomorrow night.  I'm also going back to full time work at the kindergarten where I teach tomorrow.  It's the beginning of the new school year in Korea, which means I'm going to be incredibly busy.

I'll keep posting here when I can, but I doubt it will be very often.  Who knows, limiting my posts to only one or two a week may actually increase the quality, as I'll have more time to consider what I post here.  I seriously do a lot of stream of consciousness writing here, with no real ideas other than a topic for many of my posts. 

If anyone's wondering, I'm getting a Masters of TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) from Pukyong National University here in Busan.  It's a 2 year course, so check back in 2 years or so for a steady stream of nonsense from me.  Until then, expect an occasional burst of nonsense in its stead. :D

Oh, and I should have time to finish up that Johnny Cash alignment poster tomorrow.  There won't be any kindergarten classes to teach, just prep work to do.

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