Sunday, March 6, 2011


Happy Shinobi Sunday!


  1. So did you experience any of the reported internet outages due to nefarious and supposedly N. Korean hackers lately?

  2. No, my ISP has been working just fine. I don't use any of the big Korean portal sites, though. Not sure if they've been the target of the attacks, or if the providers have.

    Ought to catch up on the news, I guess...

  3. Just read the news. Funny thing, on Thursday night when the attack was happening, I couldn't access one web site I use for the lessons I was teaching (it's got lots of listening exercises online), but when I checked other sites to see if it was a problem with that site or my connection, everything else loaded up just fine.

    Not sure if it was because of the attack or not, as the website with the listening activities isn't, AFAIK, hosted in S. Korea.