Friday, March 11, 2011

The Japanese Earthquake

Got home from class and work and finally heard the news.  A massive earthquake hit northern Japan this afternoon, about 2:50 local time.  Around 3:30 a tsunami hit the eastern coast.  The tsunami was between 7 and 10 meters high at its worst.

According to NHK, which I've got on TV at the moment as I type this, over 90 people are confirmed dead, unknown numbers of people are still missing, and the area around one of the nuclear power plants has been evacuated due to the fear that coolant water may be leaking (they were unsure...

Scratch that, they just reported the finding of 200-300 bodies in Sendai.

This one's bad.  I'm just praying that all of my friends and acquaintances are all safe.

When I hear about relief efforts, I'll post something about where to donate here on the blog.


  1. Very scary. I'm in Incheon right now (flight out tomorrow) and the hotels are filling up from all the canceled flights. The BBC footage is apocalyptic (and not in the fun-mutant-let's-game-there way).

  2. Stay safe gentlemen. I think I speak for everyone stateside when I say our thoughts and hopes are with those in the endangered regions.

  3. Yes, be safe and best wishes for you and your friends/ acquaintances.

  4. Hey Gwydion, its ronin_akikage from Dragonsfoot. Hoping all your friends are okay in Japan. Let us know when you hear word of them. Also, I left you another PM @ Dragonsfoot.

  5. I've been watching the coverage of this on CNN. Looks like a terrible mess. Hope all of your friends back in Japan are staying safe.

  6. Dude, it's awful. I've heard back from some friends, but am kinda worried about the ones who haven't gotten back to me. Granted, they're not from the tsunami area (I think that's why Sendai had so many fatalities). Not good stuff. I hope your friends are alright.