Thursday, March 24, 2011

It came in the mail

Today was my son's 3rd birthday.  I say was because even though it's only 10pm here, he's already asleep.  So for all intents and purposes, it's over.  I think he enjoyed it.  He'll enjoy it more tomorrow, because the kindergarten has a big monthly 'birthday party' for all the kids with a birthday that month at once, so he'll get to celebrate again tomorrow.

Anyway, along with the two books we ordered for his present--a couple of early reader books about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman--the 4E Essentials Rules Compendium came as well. 

Kinda surprised at how small it is (15.5 x 23 cm, roughly B5 paper size, I believe).  It also looks fairly concise and thorough, from what little I've already seen of 4E.  I think I made a good choice if I want to really get a handle on the system of 4E (rather than on the catalog of powers and magic items and such that is the PHB).  This looks like all the nuts and bolts stuff in one book.

I'll give it a read in my spare time, and eventually post a review of it here.


  1. I never realized that you are in South Korea. I got to spend a day in Seoul and really dug it. After watching a surf film about a surfari to South Korea I want to go back. Tons of coast and no other surfers. It'd be pretty great!

  2. It IS the nuts and bolts, but since 4E is an exception-based system a lot of game-relevant info is in those powers, too. You will likely get the idea of it from the Compendium examples, but there is a lot of variation in the actual power descriptions too.