Thursday, September 12, 2013

The 4 Year Curse

So, this little oft neglected blog of mine turns 4 years old today.  Huzzah! 

Of course, with an emergency bout of editing that one of my professors needed me to do last night/this morning (she's the influential one who could land me a sweet job in academia with her influence and contacts), then the normal exhaustion that comes from teaching kindergarteners, and then a three-hour evening class (same prof), bedtime stories for my son and some exercise, I'm about worn out.

But apparently you all don't want to hear about that crap, you just want your Joesky Tax.

Well, since I'm too tired to think of anything useful to say about gaming, I'll do what other lazy bloggers do on anniversary posts, and point you in the direction of some of my favorite older posts.

How to Tackle a Megadungeon  The link is to the first of eight linked posts (links to the rest internally) from three years ago, where I tried to examine megadungeon play from a player/character perspective rather than the usual DM perspective.  I'm pretty proud of this post, having recently re-read them all. 

Every Monster Should be Beatable  Not one of my most popular posts, but one in which I spell out what to me is a key facet of game play in RPGs.

Endless Quest Reviews  Grad school put the kibosh on this series (maybe one of these days I'll get around to finishing the two or three more I have to do, and move on to the pair of Super Endless Quest books, and a few Wizards, Warriors and You books on the shelf).  These books, along with the D&D cartoon, shaped a lot of my early gaming ideas about what D&D is supposed to be about.

Johnny Cash Alignment Meme Poster  Because everything's better with a Johnny Cash soundtrack (OK, maybe not everything...)

Flying Swordsmen  The biggest (non picture) post on my blog.  Maybe the biggest period, haven't bothered with Google Analytics for a long time.  I announced the release of the game a year and a half ago.  Was it only a year and a half?  Feels like it's been longer.

And finally, because my blog doesn't get enough Star Frontiers love out there, my reproduction of the list on the back cover of inspirational reading for the game, Star Frontiers Appendix N.

Thanks everyone for continuing to read this here silly little blog about rolling dice and pretending to fight dragons, aliens and David Hasselhoff.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you! I always enjoy reading your posts when you get a chance to post them... Keep 'em coming!