Thursday, September 5, 2013


I wrote up my Devil entries today. 

The list contains:

Mephistos: Vice - Pride.  Schtick?  Contracts and ego stroking.
Malebranche*: Vice - Envy.  Schtick?  Secretly buffing one member of a party.
Erinyes: Vice - Wrath.  Schtick?  Pissing people off.
Succubus/Incubus: Vice - Lust.  Schtick?  Seduction.
Belphegan: Vice - Sloth.  Schtick?  Get rich quick schemes.
Mammonite: Vice - Greed.  Schtick?  Telling you exactly where the loot is (nothing more).
Beelzebal: Vice - Gluttony.  Schtick?  Party till you puke.
Pit Fiend:  overlord of the devils.  Schtick?  Kicking your ass.

Hat tip to Collin de Plancy.  Demons, I decided, will just be interspersed throughout the other monsters, rather than as their own "type."  Why?  Because devils are fallen angels, so have a bit of "Law" to their make-up, if no longer their natures.  Demons are just pure Chaos/Entropy.

Now, do I want to do the Choirs of Angels?  Something to think about.

*I couldn't do this without at least one nod to Dante. 

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