Monday, September 23, 2013

Keebler's Journal - Yeffal's Great Dungeon

Last Wednesday I ran a session of my Megadungeon.  Michael, I guy I know from the local board game group, joined the game as Keebler, and Elf of course.  Dean was playing his converted 2E Elf Ranger Copperleafy, and Jeremy was playing Uriah the Mage.  Along for the ride were all the NPCs they know of, plus a new one Uriah charmed after Felix the Cat and Frog the Toad were slain, Gomer Pyle.  He didn't make it back either.

Although they never set foot inside the dungeon, they did find a new entrance to the lair of the Orcs of the Dripping Fang, while pursuing bounties on the leader and witch doctor of said orcish tribe.  Michael wrote up a journal entry from Keebler's perspective.

The diary of Keebler, mystic warrior, purveyor of fine snacks

How the tangles of time twist us on our journey! This day I did make the acquaintance of another of our people. Copperleafy, he calls himself, and an odd elf he is! He is, though solid in all other masculine virtues, untutored in the arts of magic. Mind you, he is an excellent and able tracker, and (despite the unfounded suggestions of the humans in our midst) very, very hetero. What makes these humans think that frolicking with fairies is indicative of a predilection for man-on man action is beyond me!
In any event, there was hunting to do, and the menu was—orc!
This Copperleafy had some information leading us to the hideout of the Dripping Fang clan, which he had acquired from some leprechaun or other. Along with our human companions (a mage of both ability and instability along with some hirelings) we laid in wait for the foul creatures—only to be set upon by many walking skeletons, aberrations of the foulest kind. Only with great effort did we fell the animated corpses, and only at the loss of some of our humans.
At this point, we took some time to return to town to… well, not to put too fine a point on it, to acquire more humans. The young mage seemingly charmed some half-witted yokel and invited him to join us. A plan was hatched to use this sad little farmer and a lovely human female as—I believe the phrase was “rape bait.” Half-orcs indeed!
In any event, the trap was set, and after some time we unleashed our ambush upon an orc foraging party. The mage and I used our power to render the orcs asleep and, as they were few in number, the slaughter was on. The tracker, Copperleafy (whose exploits with women—and women only—are well renowned), followed the tracks of the orcs and animals to the doors of what appeared to be a large redoubt. Clearly, there were more orcs than we had reckoned upon meeting. Feeling that more intelligence was needed, Copperleafy returned to the woodland creatures to gain more knowledge about the orcish host, while the rest of us set about returning to our ambushing.
Sadly, instead of more orcs we were attacked by several rather large frogs, one of which devoured the hapless yokel Gomer. Shame.
In any event, upon Copperleafy’s return, we determined to call it a day for the moment, and see what progress we can make in this quest upon the morrow. What I would not give for a fine oven in which to bake some quality snacks, but for now, it is the open air and battle for this elf.

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