Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crowd Source My Rogue's Gallery!

In order for me to more effectively run more Star Frontiers games for the Busan Gamers this summer, I'm gonna need a list of interesting criminals to inhabit the planet of Outer Reach. 

Want to help?  You don't even really need to have the Star Frontiers rules (although if you want to actually stat up your criminal, feel free to save me some time).  What I'm looking for are just some interesting, colorful characters that I can use as targets for bounty hunting missions, foils, street contacts, and the like.

So if you've got an idea for an outer space bad guy, let me know in the comments here or on G+.  And I'm looking for a wide range of criminals, from pickpockets and hoverbus molesters all the way up to serial killers and criminal masterminds.

And here's a sample format:

Wanted for:
Current Bounty:
Personality Quirk(s):
[Optional] Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn stats:

*The Star Frontiers races I'm using are just the Alpha Dawn set [Human, Dralasite, Vrusk, Yazirian, Sathar], but if you really want to use something from Zebulon's Guide or some wacky Star Wars alien or whatever, feel free.


  1. Name: Maggotha
    Race: Agogi Man (pink skin, pink eyes, fine silver hair)(borrowed from the Planet Algol blog*)
    Wanted for: Smuggling, Racketeering, Money Laundering, Gun Running etc..
    Current Bounty: 1,000,000+ but who has the balls to try to take him down!
    Personality Quirk(s): Extremely Obese! Sweats a lot, always has a droid about to fan him, he is so fat he cannot walk without assistance, usually in the form of a hoverchair. Expensive tastes; will only wear the finest of suits.

    Maggotha is a powerful Crime Boss on the planet of Outer Reach, he has his fat fingers in almost everything going on related to all things of a underworld blackmarket nature. He never directly gets involved in his various "projects" that's what his henchmen and underlings are for!
    Stats: Terribly low Dexterity and Strength, High Intelligence and Charisma (sorry don't have Star Frontiers in front of me).

    I based him on an obscure Spider-Man villain called The Slug with a good bit of Jabba the Hutt thrown in.

  2. Going to have to bear with me, I’m throwing these out after a cold reading of the most basic Wiki page. These will need adaptation, renaming, etc.

    Name: “Mr. Meeples”
    Race*: Human (Presumably)
    Wanted for: Various alleged crimes, sketchy evidence for all
    Current Bounty: Wanted for questioning by official authorities (because that’s all they can hold him for technically), but various factions have a worthwhile reward on his whereabouts, real identity, or proof positive he’s been eliminated (many have tried, none have succeeded).
    Personality Quirk(s): A notorious legend of the criminal underground, Meeples is an alias obviously, he (if he exists at all) is known to use numerous expendable contacts and double blind operatives to carry out organized illicit activities. His tactics are consistent with special operations training (fractured cell-based hierarchy, military grade encryption, asymmetric techniques), but thus far he has not turned his activities towards astro-political goals.

    Name: “Monkey Wrench” Johs
    Race*: Yazirian
    Wanted for: Introducing banned technologies and ideas to Nanosath XI
    Current Bounty: His weight in tesseric geodes if his head is returned to the Temple of the Inquisitors of Voices-on-Nine.
    Personality Quirk(s): A technical savant, Johs hates primitives. The problem is every job he’s taken involves dealing with dirty savages on some backwater mud-ball or another. The last time he caused a ruckus, well let’s just say once a world has a taste of modern conveniences, who would want to go back? For Johs part, he made a tidy profit selling goods to the backwards peons as a side job, what they do with it is up to them. Of course leave it to the stupid farm-fodder to start a civil war.

    Name: Sniffles
    Race*: Dralasite
    Wanted for: Patenting and mass producing the pheromones of the High Queen of Tlaseti
    Current Bounty: Lands and titles to any who return him to to Tlaseti, preferably in partially-denatured liquified cryo-containment constantly stimulated by electronic pain-inducers.
    Personality Quirk(s): A chemist by trade (and a poison peddler and nomadic narco-dealer by necessity), Sniffles recently came into a spot after a bad business arrangement selling things that should not be sold. Not that he has many qualms about such activities, he would do it again if it meant he could buy his way out of trouble.

    Name: Expeditious Zasck
    Race*: Vrusk
    Wanted for: Speeding and smuggling, but mostly speeding
    Current Bounty: Up to 15% of her current cargo hold of illicit goods.
    Personality Quirk(s): The early raptorous predator gets the bug, but they have to reach you first. Speed is not only a company motto, it’s a life philosophy. Zasck has minor offenses in her name, but they only matter if you get caught, or they catch up to you. As an expert pilot and ship captain (Expeditious is also her ship’s name), most have difficulties keeping up with her shadow.

  3. My best star frontiers adventure ever was having buck rogers type space vampires in city - players saw clues while on usual underworld missions on basic city, nobody believed them. Ended with zombie outbreak (this was in 84-85) and saved city with illegal arms stockpile and by killing vamps in hq with bomb.