Thursday, June 6, 2013

Goin' down in a blaze of glory!

I spent the past hour or so perusing Simon Washbourne's Go Fer Yer Gun! OSR Western RPG.  Awesome stuff.  And best yet, it's free at (link in the title there). 

The game has ten (eleven really) classes for Western themed RPGs including gunslingers, preachers, braves, scouts, mavericks and wandering monks (the optional 11th class and one I'm obviously partial to).  Hit points are generally low ("name level" is level 4), and gun damage is pretty high.  I've never played or even looked at the Boot Hill game, but having heard stories of its lethality, I can see how this game might be similar.

Anyway, I'm still working on grad school stuff (one out of three final papers completed today), so not much time to game.  And definitely not time to run a game.  But some day, I may use these rules to either run a straight up Young Guns/Fistful of Dollars/True Grit/Magnificent Seven style game,

or else mix it with Labyrinth Lord (and Stars Without Number?) for a game based on Stephen King's Dark Tower series.


  1. I checked it out right after you mentioned it on the FB group. Pretty, pretty cool indeed. It would be neat to see a spacey frontier game using a similar set of rules. Might have to fudge in psychics, beams weapons and power armor. Though it would be a great start.

    I have a d20 supplement for adapting magical firearms into a 3xx campaign. Some clever ideas in it. It reminds me a bit of RIFTs' Techno-Magic. When I get back from holiday you could borrow it.

    But, lol... I think, I've already digressed beyond your purist Western concept and then some. For some reason trans-genre stuff has been stuck in my head lately... so long as it's not gonzo.

  2. I've just been getting into GFYG! as well and have two additional classes just for women and a custom character sheet:

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  4. I'm a big fan of both GFYG! and 2nd ed. BH (ever since waaaayyy back in the day). They're quite different types of games (except for the obvious). BH has no classes, no levels; it does have hit locations and pretty common instantly mortal wounds. BH is more lethal than GFYG!