Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adventure Writing

I'm about halfway through writing my first adventure for (the current iteration of) Chanbara.  I'm calling it Ghost Castle Hasegawa.  (Ooo, spooky font effects, it must be good!)

I didn't think any of the published OA adventures really worked for low level PCs, so I'm doing it myself.  Bonus is that I think this would be fairly easy to spruce up for publication (it's fairly sparse since it's just notes for me to run the adventure).

Image from Deviant Art
It feels good to be writing an adventure again.  And I've already noticed a few problems with the rules as written so far.  Hopefully I'll get GCH finished up this week, and be ready to recruit a few brave souls to roll up some ronin and yamabushi to explore this haunted house.

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  1. Good luck with your adventure! Sounds great. Would love to see more variations on the genre.