Sunday, June 23, 2013

Old OA Adventures located

I found, in on of my old high school cardboard folders (not a trapper, but from the late 80's or early 90's none-the-less), the notes from my old OA game with the Evansville Group.  I ran this during the year I got back from a homestay/study abroad summer in Japan, during the fall/winter of 97/98.  And it's not bad.  We were using a combination of 1E and 2E AD&D books, with OA and the Complete Ninja's Handbook being my main resources.

Obviously, I was prepping the adventures after each session, so reading it now it looks like a railroad.  The adventure starts with a mission from a daimyo, but options for other things to do.  All of the follow-ups are tailored to the things my players were doing.  Still, I could use this as a base for a Chanbara playtest. 

I just need to change around a few place names to match my new setting, and adjust a few NPC/monster stats.  Not too much work.  These games were set in a fictionalized 16th Century Japan, primarily in Shizuoka prefecture where I had done my homestay. 
Temples, Fuji-san, and Sumpu Castle were in the game, tea fields were background details, there were no professional team sports, however

That, together with the OA Modules, should give me enough material for my summer play test.  Now to round up enough players!

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