Thursday, May 30, 2013

A slight change

For a few months now, the old blog has been getting lots of anonymous spam comments linking to websites that are probably fronts for phishing, viruses, or something.  I'm sick of having to clear out these posts every other day or so.

So I've disabled anonymous posting of comments.

Josh, you're the only regular anonymous poster that I have.  Sorry.  If there's something you want to say, shoot me an email or PM me on Facebook and I'll repost it here for you if you want.

In other news, Chanbara waits patiently while I write a couple of papers for grad school.

Blogging about interesting game stuff waits as well.

Oh, and apparently Jack Vance wasn't dead already, but he is now.  Bummer of sorts.  Maybe when I work through my current stack of Carl Sagan, Poul Anderson, Joseph Campbell and Terry Brooks (hey, it was dirt cheap at the used English book store/cafe here in Busan - don't judge me!), and the next semester's worth of TESOL/SLA readings, I'll try out some more Vance.  I really enjoyed the Dying Earth books.  I'd like to read some of his other works.

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