Thursday, May 23, 2013


Two nights ago, we had a catastrophic hard drive failure on our PC.  And for some reason, our external hard drive had stopped automatically saving a backup over a year ago and we didn't notice.  So we've possibly lost a year plus worth of data.

My wife will take the old hard drive to a shop tomorrow and they'll see what they can salvage.

Back up your data, folks!  If you're like me, you always think about it when you're away from the computer, and when you get to the computer you aren't thinking about it anymore.

Anyway, for those of you hoping to see Chanbara released sometime this decade, don't worry, all of those files are on my netbook.  I've probably lost a few recently downloaded pictures (pending recovery operations tomorrow) but since they were all downloaded from the internet, I'm sure I can find them, or suitable replacements, again.

Once again, hurray for the public domain!

Anyway, back to work.  I've got to clear off enough space from our external hard drive for them to put all the data on if they can recover everything.

Update - We got all of our data.  Now I've got to spend the rest of the weekend getting the new hard drive and the external hard drive sorted out, and finish downloading and installing the programs we lost.  Fun fun!  


  1. I'm glad you were able to recover your data!

  2. Thanks! We are, too. It would have sucked to only have a few pictures we'd put on facebook of our son's entire fourth year in the world and the beginning of the fifth.