Friday, May 17, 2013

Guess what?

Guess what the Busan Gamers are gonna be playing tomorrow night?

shamelessly stolen from Larry Elmore's web site

That's right, some Star Frontiers!  Of course, Justin, Jeremy, Rick and Dean are all making their oh so grimdark 40k angsty whatever PCs (well, Dean's playing a 9 year old Bene Gesserit, so he's in the spirit), here's the sorts of things I think of when I think Star Frontiers (besides actual Star Frontiers stuff that is):

Maurice returns!

Space Cowboy, Space Princess

Right back atcha, Cap'n!

We come in peace!

You leave in pieces!

Thanks to Brutorz Bill's Simian Saturdays for this one.


  1. Yay Star Frontiers! Please tell us all about it. A session report is a must.

  2. I love Star Frontiers. Wish I could join you all on Saturday. Maybe in a fortnight or so?