Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raw Data

Presented without comment.

Chronicles of Narnia, total 767 pages

Conan stories by Robert E. Howard only, total 1222 (Del Ray editions, including poems, essays, unfinished and alternate drafts, etc.)

Three Hearts and Three Lions, 167 pages

Tales of the Dying Earth, total 741 pages

Lankhmar stories, total 1654 pages (Dark Horse editions, not counting teaser chapters)

The Great Book of Amber, total 1258 pages (Corwyn series and Merlin series in one volume)

Three Kingdoms, total 1698 pages (Moss Roberts translation)

Harry Potter series, total 3407 (U.K.), 4100 (U.S.)

Wheel of Time series, total 11,308 and counting (including "New Spring")

Sword of Truth series, 7148 pages (possibly and counting)

Shannarra Series, total 9136 pages and counting (including "Word and Void" prequels)

Belgariad/Malloreon books, total 5537 pages (including related standalone books)

Dragonlance Chronicles, total 1231 pages; Dragonlance Legends, total 1162 pages

Chronicles of Prydain, total 1311 pages


  1. Off-topic but congratulations on reaching your 100 followers (apologies if this is a little late!)

  2. Where's you get the stats? Page-count comparisons are interesting food for thought.

    Oh, and off-topic... Did you see Squaring Cows over at Tao of D&D? Dude, the segment about Joe's game with Chris, Dave, and John that Richard always keeps ruining is exactly how I feel about things, and why I've all but given up gaming until I go back home.

  3. Daddy G.--thanks!

    Dave--Opened up the books on my shelf for quite a few of them. Others I looked up on Wikipedia and/or Amazon.com.

    I got rid of the WoT and SoT books before I left Japan, and had donated by Prydain Chronicles to a friend in Japan as well, so I had to look those up.

  4. Good move with The Wheel of Time and The Sword of Truth. I really don't regret dumping my copies before I came here, either. As for The Chronicles of Prydain... eh, you can always buy new copies when Flynn gets old enough to read them.

  5. Some people who write fantasy seem to reason that Lord of the Rings is long, and has a map at the front, so if they make their book long and have a map at the front it'll be the new Lord of the Rings.