Saturday, February 19, 2011

I went ahead and did it.

So, I'm about to start keying some locations on the second level of the Megadungeon.  As with the first level, I'll mostly be starting with some special locations, and the locations of the 'keystone treasures.'  Then I'll fill out the rest of the rooms with a short bit of room description, plus any monsters, traps, other specials, or treasure.

Anyway, you know how there are those who put down the whole idea of the Megadungeon as 'orc and pie' silliness?

Well, I had to do it.  There's a 10'x10' room on the first level, which contains an orc.  And it's got a pie.* 

I had a disagreement with a fellow about a gooseberry pie.
Why?  Well, as old Jack Burton always says, "What the Hell."

Now, for a JOESKY:

Magical Pie
These pies are always hot and delicious when first discovered.  Each pie mimics the effects of a certain type of potion if eaten while still hot (pies cool within 2d4 Turns of being discovered).  One pie may be sliced into at most 8 pieces.  Eating multiple pieces of pie will not have extra effects, except in the case of a healing pie.

Different pies should have their effects keyed to their flavor (for example, if a lemon meringue pie is a Pie of Strength, all future lemon meringue pies should also be Pies of Strength).

*My Megadungeon orc's pie is a gooseberry pie, but it's non-magical.


  1. Love the Jack Burton quote! It's great to hear from the Old Pork Chop Express from time to time.

  2. Dude, have the characters save a halfling from being cooked in a pie, like in Legend.

  3. I've never heard the orcs & pie thing, but I can imagine. I really like this. After all, everybody loves pie!

  4. I have never heard the "orc and pie" thing either, but I am into it. Magical pies = going into my game ASAP.

  5. Damn it, I had forgotten about the orc with the pie.

    I love the idea of magical pies.

    Well, it looks like I need to find a 10x10 room somewhere.