Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chinese Monsters

Here's a list of some Chinese monsters I'm considering for inclusion in the Flying Swordsmen RPG.  These are just preliminary notes, taken from some of my books (E.T.C Werner's Myths and Legends of China, Strange Tales of Liao Zhai, Journey to the West), and some websites, like Monstropedia.

These are just notes right now, and not all of them may make the cut into the final project. Feel free to chime in with any ideas about ones that don't seem 'kung fu' enough, or that I would be foolish to leave out of the game.

Jiao-long (alligator/crocodile, hornless dragon, female dragon)
Bai Gu Jing (white bone demon)
Bai Ze (white lion with 1 or 2 horns, beneficent, similar to foo lion)
Chimei (mountain or hill demon, similar to wang-liang)
Zhi Ren (paper ghost, like in Tenchu?)
sky dragon tian long, guardians of Heaven, red or yellow color
spirit dragon shen long, clouds & wind, blue color
water dragon shui long, rivers and seas, green color
hidden dragon fucang long, underworld guardians of treasure, purple or black color
Huli Jing (fox fairy)
Pi Xiu (winged lion with antlers), eats gold but can't pass it.
Pi Hsi (dragon turtle)
Yeren (wildman, monkey-man, bear man, bigfoot?)
Xing Tian (headless giant, nipple-eyes, navel-mouth)
Sun Ravens Sanzuniao (fiery three-legged golden crows)
Zhenniao (poisonous birds)
Tiangou (comet dog, thunders at enemies)
Longma (dragon horse, scaly pegasus)
Ye-cha (yaksha, night demon, 1' tall pointy-toothed goblin)
Flower Fairy (spirit of flowering tree, or aromatic oil tree, dryad)
Fish Warriors (spirits of fish, turtles, shellfish, serve as soldiers to sea dragon kings)


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  4. How about Jiang shi vampires? Tsui Hark's "Vampire Hunters" presents both the traditional, faintly ridiculous hoppers (animated by Taoist magic!) as well as a rather more horrifying version worthy of the term "monster."

    verification word: "whapo," a suitable sound effect for such a campaign...

  5. Odrook, they're already in the original game (Dragon Fist). The DF monsters include:

    Hoard Dragon (sorta like a normal D&D dragon, but a bit like the fucang long above)
    Hopping Vampire
    Local Spirit
    Neeg Barbarian (pseudo SE Asian jungle dwellers)
    One-Eyed Demon
    Ox-Head Demon
    Spider Demon
    Wang Liang
    Yi Barbarian (pseudo Mongol/Tartar steppe riders)