Monday, February 14, 2011

Blogger Hivemind Activate!! Dead Character Names Needed

It's a snowy Valentine's Day here in Busan.  Afternoon classes have been canceled, but it's undetermined yet if we have to stay at work as normal or not.  For me personally, I've got a private tutoring lesson just across the street from my school after normal work hours, so I may just stick around anyway even if they tell us we can go home.

Anyway, that's all beside the point.  I've got a crypt area in my Megadungeon that I'm working on right now.  There are lots of sarcophagi and such.  I need some names for inscriptions and memorial plaques.

I could do what I usually do when I need names.  I pull some books off the shelf--Squire's "Celtic Myths and Legends," "Beowulf," "Geoffrey of Monmouth," "The Iliad," etc. open it to the indexes, and pick some names.  But I thought I'd give you guys a chance to contribute to my dungeon.  Got a name of a favorite character or two who died a glorious death?  Or an inglorious one even?  Well, submit their name in the comments, and your character will be honored with a spot in my dungeon.

If for some reason I get more than I can use in this crypt area, don't worry, I'll find somewhere else to work in your character in the dungeon.  It's a big place, and I'm only on the cusp of finishing the key to Level 1.


  1. Well -- and this is dead serious -- we had an NPC named Porkins that got killed by a Dark Orc Captain in the "Caves of the Orc Idol", as Carter blogged about here:

    (You have to scroll down a bit.) Maybe it would seem gratuitous for you to include Porkins because he is your co-pilot, but now you can blame it on Carter if you want an out.

    The other dead and not resurrected PC from the campaign is Barbarella Bootay. Do with that as you will.

  2. Lord Ginsu - a dramatic (and staged) death. His player was going to transition into the DM, and we decided to launch the adventure with his unexpected death by an assassin.

  3. Mort.

    Xanatos McThanatos.


    John F. Kennedy.

  4. Well, I remember fondly "Gernot, Paladin of Thyr, Scorpionslayer, Ogrekiller, Decapitator of the vile brigand captain of the (...I forgot...)woods"... who added almost his whole adventuring career to his name... and died against a blue dragon his paladinhood forced him to fight against - or so he thought...:P

  5. I haven't had many characters who've met sticky ends. The one that does spring to mind is a Shadowrun mage called Phtang Phtang Pouvawu, who was eaten by insect spirits after his comrades handed him over to the insects' front organisation for healing.

  6. Aleister Crumb - an educated half-orc barbarian sorcerer... (3rd edition of course) ... died from a fist-related death from an animated statue.

    Also, Gwydion -- I left you some PMs in your inbox @ Dragonsfoot.

  7. Edgrel Hatchthorn - gnome assassin

    Darius Deathdealer - lived by the blade, died by another's

  8. Mirgon - elf fighter/mage
    Migellito Torino - elf fighter
    Carmen Garcia - half-elf bard

  9. Lord Neville Trollbane - cavalier, was turned into slime by a curse

    Auric Flintfingers - wizard, drew the wrong card from a deck of many things