Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Never mind then.

Alright, Mearls has officially got me hooked.

As you've probably already read, the core 4 classes/races, up to level 20, plus basic core resolution rules and some basic monsters, will all be released by WotC for free as a .PDF download. 

Yep, I'll be saving my money and just checking out the download. 

If I like it, and some local groups pick up on 5E, I may pick up the PHB for the extra classes/spells/whatever other options.  But that's something to decide once the game is out and I've had a chance or two to play it.

As it is now, though, WotC has finally moved me from a potential to a definite customer...although possibly only for their free stuff.  We'll see.

And I'll likely still only run Classic D&D when I DM, but with FLAILSNAILS, who knows?

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