Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Intriguing, but I'm not completely sold yet

So, word is out on "D&D Next." 

PHB will be sold at Gen Con, and available for wide release in mid-August, retail price $50.  A Starter Box Set will be $20.  In November, the DMG will be released, also at $50.  Probably the Monster Manual will be released sometime in early 2015, also for $50.

And the name will simply be "Dungeons & Dragons" which is good.  Next was a convenient placeholder, but would have been a terrible edition name. 

The local gamers I play with are for the most part happy with OSR stuff, but there are some other local gamers who are about to start a 4E game, and I wouldn't be surprised if they switch to the new edition when it becomes available.

So I might - if the reviews are generally good, similar sounding to the Pathfinder Beginner Box, shuck out the $20 for the new box set.  Or maybe go crazy and get the PHB.  I doubt I'd be doing any running of the system, but it might be nice to have a copy handy if I do get to play.

Then again, we've got a baby due in August, so who knows?  I'll probably be too busy to pick it up.


  1. I'll wait to hear what people have to say about the box set before I pluck down the $20. WotC has a lot to live up to, considering the job Paizo did on the Pathfinder box. If the D&D box is similar to what they put out for both 3rd and 4th edition, which was basically pre-generated characters and an adventure, with maybe instructions to update the characters to 2nd level. Then no thanks.

    1. Likewise. Give me some CharGen with a starter box, with options up to at least level 5.

      D&D has been less than impressive to me for their last series of releases, and it'll take a really good game for me to get back enough company trust to buy anything from them in the 50 dollar range.