Saturday, March 22, 2014

The boy scout motto? (Hey, NOT a March Madness post!)

Well, we almost got a game going tonight.  Jeremy, Gino and myself were trying to organize something.  Everyone else is busy or AWOL. 

Jeremy wanted to run some grimdark fantasy.  I didn't feel like that.

I suggested Star Frontiers (Volturnus module stuff).  Gino thought that was OK, but Jeremy thinks SF is too silly (a.k.a. not all grimdark like 40k).

Jeremy suggested a Microlite Gamma World style game.  Seemed OK to me.  Then I realized he meant for me to run it.  Um, looked through my old GW files, but nothing was simple and easy.  Back then, I was big into running long narrative semi-railroads (I did give them places to stop and get off, or change track, since I'd prepare the next leg after the events of one session - but looking at it now it's all railroady, and long and convoluted).

We ended up not playing (obviously, as I'm typing this now).

I did come away from this with something of value.  While digging out old Gamma World stuff, I found a pocket notebook of graph paper with a few small D&D dungeons.

I realized, after the game fell apart, that I need a few small site-based scenarios for Gamma World, Star Frontiers, and other games that we could play as pick-up games.  Pre-gen characters, too (or get everyone to post them to our gaming group page for contingency purposes).  That way, if we have a night like tonight again, I'll be ready to run a small pick-up game.

Always be prepared.

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