Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Feels like I step on fortune cookies (March Madness Day 18)

18 What is the crunchiest RPG you have played? Was it enjoyable?

This would have to be various Palladium games. TMNT and Other Strangeness and Heroes Unlimited being the ones I've actually played, a few others I've poured over options, cross-checked other rulebooks, and endlessly pondered what sort of PC to make for char-gen, but then the game never got off the ground.

Palladium games are fun, but sometimes the crunch does get in the way. From my limited play experience, though, once you've made your character, playing it isn't so hard (unlike 3E/Pathfinder, where you're in char-gen mode every time you level up).


  1. I love the Palladium system, but the bookkeeping is kind of crazy at times.

  2. TMNT was my first-ever RPG, my gateway drug. I don't have the books anymore (no idea where they vanished to) and I'm pretty sure I never did understand some of the rules fully, but I had a lot of fun designing mutant animals...