Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Outcasts of Ur

Justin ran another session of Vaults of Ur last Saturday, the last game of the year for me.  Fitting that the play report of it then becomes my first post of 2014!

We had some new players joining us.  Gord has been in our Facebook group for a long time now, but finally got around to playing with us, as ...crap, maybe I should have posted this earlier, I forgot his character's name, but he was a gecko-like Beastman. 

Gino, who is new to Busan, also joined us, as a Tengu Thief named ...again I forget.  Sorry, guys.  Usually I write them down.  I will for sure next time.

And while Dean couldn't make it (and Elder Karl's character sheet was lost in his computer crash), Alexei was there playing Maya the Elf (with more or less the same retinue from my megadungeon game the week before), Jeremy had Noctis the Orc with new sidekick Sadaauk the Orc (more of an assassin type than gladiator type), and I was playing both Thidrek the Sleestak and Thomas the Visionary. 

I joined a bit late, with the party having been sent through one of the teleportation pools out of Fort Low into exile.  We were in a large chamber that was apparently part of the old orcish civilization's underground city.  We explored quite a bit, and had a battle with garbage.  Living garbage.  Or maybe it was a magical construct of some sort.  Thidrek got pretty beat up by it, but managed to give it the killing blow in the end. 

Every round in the combat, Justin had Thomas the Visionary up first on the roster, so he kept asking what Thomas was doing.  The answer every round was - staying the heck back.  Thomas has divination type spells, and lots of useful knowledge, but other than a shield spell, he has on combat prowess at all.  :D

We didn't find any loot, so we continued our explorations.  Thomas's Locate Object spell did cue us in that there was a large source of water across a chasm, so we made our way towards the bridge.  Across it, Gino's thief scouted ahead and heard a large force.  He was less than perfectly stealthy coming back, and the force sent some of their men our way.  After a brief parlay in orcish done by Noctis, we made peaceful contact with a merchant and his savage, tattooed guards and mutant white ape pack beasts. 

After discussing our options and trading the undead captain's helmet for information (with Thidrek using one of his ESP potions for insurance purposes), we decided we could trust this guy well enough, and plan to travel with him to the "City of the Veiled Ones" (apparently the freak masked orcs we fought just before getting framed for murder by the ogres). 

Should be interesting, but Justin will be back in the States most of January, so it will be a while before our next adventure.

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