Friday, January 3, 2014

Is it third thoughts or fourth thoughts by now?

Was gonna title this little post "Second thoughts on my second thoughts" but I'm not really sure what iteration of the current redesign process this is.

Yes, talking about Chanbara again.

Just the other day, I posted about having three base classes, each with a pair of subclass options.

Now, I'm thinking of just going with seven or eight simple base classes, which can then be customized with the combat maneuvers, tricks, and secrets special abilities.

Now, to decide what exactly those classes should be!

Got an opinion?  You're on the internet, you'd better have one!

When you think of feudal/fantastic Japan, what are the character tropes/archetypes that spring to mind?  Leave a comment.

If I get enough variety, maybe I'll post a poll later.  But I'll likely ignore the results unless there's some archetype that everyone just loves that I hadn't made its own unique thing.


  1. Off the top of my head: samurai, ronin, warriors, wizards, thugs, ninja, and priests.

  2. As an OSR player, I want to pick everything from the most base distinction. If a blind yakuza swordsman masseuse is what I want, let me do the composing. I don't need 50 pages of Pathfinder style character prescriptions.