Saturday, July 23, 2011


Caught part of Serenity on TV this morning.  We'd just gotten to the part where the Reavers have attacked Sheppard Book's settlement when my son changed the channel and didn't want to give back the remote control.  (He's 3, he wins at that sort of thing, because he just can't be reasoned with.)

Anyway, it's now got me wanting to rewatch the entire damn thing.  And that will likely get me wanting to play some Star Frontiers or something. 

And there may be some gaming tonight, but it's another new guy wanting to run 4E.  Will my troubles never end?  [If this new guy gets his shit together, though, I'll play.  Not my preferred game, but I'll take it over nothing.]

Hang in there, True Believers!  We'll get Josh's Gamma World game going again, and I'll get some play-tests done on Flying Swordsmen RPG, and maybe even get some Star Frontiers or something worked in there, too!


  1. They released a Firefly/Serenity RPG a while back. very similar to the old FASA D6 system IIRC. Had a very nice map of Serenity come with it too.

    My character was "just a cook". He was "good with cooking knives".

  2. Dude, I just CANNOT understand why people like 4E so much. I mean... eh, whatever.

    It's funny how much 4E really seems to have split the community of gamers up. The reaction against it has driven people into the OSR and fueled it a lot, but there's a lot of hate going on and it's not just aimed at system.

    When I hear somebody likes 4E, it just makes me not want to play with them. I mean, I read the books and hated the system. I tried to play and just left. "Un-fun" was the only way I could describe it. I have never played a system that I felt was just so un-fun. I don't hate others who think it IS fun, but I can't help but wonder about them, their character, attitudes, and other personality traits. A lot of people's psychoses come out in game (as you well know), and a preference for 4E seems to indicate stuff to lots of non-4E players.

  3. @Dave - well, the run we gave it with Pat was pretty unfun, at least for me. But my old Yamanashi group ran a campaign for over a year with it, and had a blast. I know what they're like as gamers pretty well (a couple of new people joined when I left for Busan, but the rest I know), so I'm curious that there must be something to it.

    Anyway, willing to give it another try. If I still don't have fun with it after a few sessions, I'll just politely bow out.

  4. I have the whole thing on DVD if you want to borrow it.

  5. I've got it too. It's just tucked away somewhere. We watched it the first time in Japan, then moved to Korea, to the U.S., back to Korea, then moved house once here. It's packed away. I'm pretty sure I know exactly where it is, I've just been too lazy to dig it out.

    Plus, we've still got quite a few more episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles to watch before we move on to another drama.

    But thanks for the offer! :)