Monday, July 11, 2011

The Death Star plans are NOT in the main computer

However, I did just back up the blog, so everything is saved on my netbook (except for this post). 

In other news, our game plans completely fell through this weekend.  We were gonna play Gamma World, but then Jeremy and Adam had to work late Saturday.  Everyone else was willing to play from a late start date, but my wife wasn't happy about that, so I had to back out.  We tried rescheduling for Sunday, but then at the last minute Josh's wife reminded him that it was one of her parents' birthdays, so they had to have a family dinner.  So no gaming.

There was finally Sumo on NHK, though, so my son and I watched that and "rasseled" a bit ourselves.  How long has it been since I've gotten to watch any sumo?  There was a big match-fixing scandal a while back, so they canceled several tournaments, then NHK didn't broadcast the tournaments live for a while.  Anyway, it was good to watch the matches yesterday.  Too bad with my current schedule, I can't watch any days except Sundays.  And I need to check online to see how my two former Jr. High students, who are in the lower ranks that don't get broadcast internationally, are doing.

I didn't do a damn thing related to Flying Swordsmen over the weekend.  Too much Hobbit on the mind, not enough Jet Li. 

I finished watching Season 1 of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  For some reason, the DVD player didn't read the files on the USB stick right, so it showed Episode 9 before Episode 8.  And I didn't notice until the end of Ep. 9 that that was the end of the season.  My wife was asleep on the couch through most of it, so I may end up watching them again, so I'll be sure and manually enter each episode rather than just letting it play so she gets to see them in the right order.

And with Terminators on the mind comes yet again Gamer ADD.  I really need to get the guys to do a few playtests of Flying Swordsmen for me, but now I'm wanting to either pull out Star Frontiers to run my War Against the Machines idea, or else recycle my old d20 Modern Aliens/Predator game, but throw Terminators into the mix.  Who am I kidding, though?  I'm too busy to put something like that together, and we've got enough people itching to get a game going at the moment.


  1. If anyone's wondering, my two former students are doing about the same as they were before the big debacle in professional sumo.

    The younger, Shoubushi, won his first match, but he's down in Sandanme (third lowest division) West 49, out of 50 spots (with 2 in each, East and West).
    49 勝武士 しょうぶし 山梨県 高田川 ○- 1勝0敗

    The older, Ryuden, lost his first match today, but he's at a respectable Makushita (fourth lowest, third highest division) West 14, out of 60 spots (again, East/West so he's #28 of 120 in his division).
    14 竜電 りゅうでん 山梨県 高田川 -● 0勝1敗

  2. Gamer ADD, YAY!!!

    Yeah, so my Conan game got dropped, but I'm going to run a Forgotten Realms game for about three or four sessions before I turn it into a Planescape campaign, much to their surprise. One of the players is in on it, though, and will be playing a tiefling from Sigil. We're using 3.5. My sister wants in, and my brother might be convinced to get off his lazy butt and join.

  3. been watching a lot of the LOTR... Hobbitses... hmmm