Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art Direction

I just got the first three rough sketches from Dylan for Flying Swordsmen RPG.  He's going to draw my "sample characters" for me.  Two of the three are rough pencil sketches, the other is a bit more complete, but I'm not going to post them now.  I'll just tease you all by posting this here.

Once Dylan's got them finished, I'll definitely be asking his permission to post them here.  I've found I'm not that demanding as an art director.  Maybe, if like Raggi, I was trying to make a few bucks off of this project I'd be more demanding.  Or if I was imagining this RPG to look all slick and professional like one of Greg's games.

Anyway, since I've teased you with some art talk, here are a couple of public domain images I may also use.

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  1. Without a background in art and design and professional creds to back it all up, its hard to claim to be an art director. You may play one on TV however.... ;) And as far as I know Raggi ain't a real art director either though he plays one on the internet.

  2. Is this one of those "you need to be taken down a peg" things, Anonymous? Am I claming to make a living as an art director? Is the art directors' union going to be hunting me down?

    I'm an amateur publisher. Never claimed to be otherwise. Part of that involves giving direction to the artists I'm working with. Don't worry, just like Fezzik, I won't let it go to my head.

  3. Great reply Gwydion.

    What a douche.

    I'm pleased you think my games look slick and professional. Assuming you were referring to me and not some other Greg.

  4. Some folks Who are probably still paying off a student loan for an arts degree seem to have a pissy attitude towards folks w/o such an education havin the audacity to tell artists what they want the art they're contracting them for to look like.

    I don't get it myself.

  5. @Greg, thanks. And yeah, I forgot to put in the link to your blog. No time now, will fix that later.

  6. Gywdz, this is Jeremy from the GW group. I've been known to draw some stuff. Let me know if you need some stuff. I don't often get stuff done in a timely matter though... so, yeah, it totally depends on how soon you might need said stuff.