Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gamma World Sample Characters

For Josh's upcoming game, I rolled up 4 sample characters to get back into the feel of 4th Ed. GW ('92).  Now, we're thinking that to save time, we should each just pick one to play.  Josh had wanted us to do this so we'd be familiar with the generation process so we could all roll up new PCs together, but Alex and I were both thinking it would be better to save time and roll up PC ahead of time.

I've done everything by random roll, no cheating (really, if they're just sample characters, what's the point in fudging?) and came up with some pretty cool characters.  They're done except for buying starting equipment.

"Pliers" McGee
Pure Strain Human Examiner 1
PS 8 (+0)  THAC Melee +0  Damage +0
DX 12 (+0)  THAC Ranged +0  Stealth +0  Base AC 10
CN 8 (+0)  Health 10, vs. radiation 12
MS 11 (+0)  Mental Defense 10
IN 16 (+2)  Use Artifacts +5  Remain Unseen +2
CH 15 (+2)  Robot Recognition 23
SN 11 (+0)  Perception +0

Hit Points: 28   AC 10  Speed 12

Mutations: None

Class Skills:
Avoid Artifact Disaster +5
Jury-Rig +3
Read Schematics +4
Repair Artifact +4

Tech Level III Took Kit 
Sniper Rifle, 14 rounds

Notes:  Yes, that's an 8 Constitution after the PSH +3 bonus.  Rolled a 5.  Examiners are useful folks, though, even if this one isn't gonna be a combat monster.

One-Eyed Johnson
Altered Human Enforcer 1

PS 15 (+2)  THAC Melee +3  Damage +3
DX 18 (+3)  THAC Ranged +4  Stealth +3  Base AC 13
CN 15 (+2)  Health 12
MS 3 (-3)  Mental Defense 7
IN 14 (+1)  Use Artifacts +1  Remain Unseen +1
CH 11 (+0)  Robot Recognition 16
SN 11 (+0)  Perception +0

Hit Points: 68   AC 13  Speed 15

Body Change (D): single eye, patches of fur, -2 Robot Recognition
Finger Vines (plant): MP 10, 2 vines, 5m long, 20cm can detach up to 10m away, PS 1, DX 5
Kinetic Absorption: MP 9, blunt damage -10, slash/pierce -5 (min. 1), 10 rounds activated
Telepathy: MP 11, range 100m unwilling, 200m willing, 5km other telepath, scan 5km for sentients
Mentally Defenseless (D): MS score becomes 3

Class Skills:
Combat Leadership +2
Makeshift Weapons/Armor +6
Size-Up Opponent +4

Equipment: none

Notes: Rolled amazing stats for this guy.  The Mental Defense score was a 14 before I rolled the Mentally Defenseless defect.  Still, this guy looks like a fun combat monster with buckets of hit points and damage reduction.

Mutant Animal (Praying Mantis) Esper 1

PS 14 (+1)  THAC Melee +1  Damage +1
DX 17 (+3)  THAC Ranged +3  Stealth +5  Base AC 17
CN 13 (+1)  Health 11, vs. radiation 13
MS 12 (+0)  Mental Defense 11
IN 10 (+0)  Use Artifacts +0  Remain Unseen +0, +2 in green vegetation
CH 15 (+2)  Robot Recognition 16
SN 16 (+2)  Perception +2

Hit Points: 49   AC 17  Speed 15

Radiating Eyes: MP 16, intensity 7 radiation attack, recharge 1pt intensity/round, head immune to radiation
Heightened Physical Attribute: Dexterity +6 (was 11)
Heightened Mental Attribute: Charisma +6 (was 9)
Duality: perform 2 actions/attacks per round, ambidextrous
Summoning: MP 10, MHAC +1, mentally call specific species, mental attack on arrival to control for 2d6 rounds
Life Leech: MP 15, MHAC +3, drain 8 hit points per round from creatures within 10m, up to 8 rounds, once per day, heal then gain temporary HP
Telekinetic Flight: MP 14, MHAC +2, Fly speed 7m as running, carry 70kg weight

Class Skills:
Hypnosis +6
Identify Mental Power +3
Photographic Memory +3
Sense Mental Powers +4

Equipment: none

Notes: Got lucky with this guy.  Rolled fairly average stats, but the two Heighten Attribute mutations help out, and I rolled twice for the 'roll two times' result for mental mutations, giving this guy a bunch.  And yeah, Zorak.

Bean Garbanzo
Sentient Plant (Brush) Scout 1

PS 18 (+3)  THAC Melee +3  Damage +3
DX 16 (+2)  THAC Ranged +2  Stealth +2  Base AC 12
CN 13 (+1)  Health 11
MS 11 (+0)  Mental Defense 10
IN 14 (+1)  Use Artifacts +1  Remain Unseen +7
CH 9 (+0)  Robot Recognition nil
SN 14 (+1)  Perception +2

Hit Points: 54   AC 12  Speed 16

Photodependent (D): 1 hour of darkness = sluggish state, -2 to all attributes, 24 hours in dark = 1d6 damage
Transfusion: MP 13, heal other plants only, 11 hit points in one round, once per person per day, take 1d4 dmg
Dissolving Juices: MP 14, acid deals 3d6+1 dmg over 1 minute, or 2 dmg per round, use once per 4 hours
Heightened Physical Attribute: Physical Strength +5 (was 13)
Oversized Limbs: Legs 70% longer, base speed +5
Shapechange: MP 16, take another plant form for up to 70 minutes, once per 4 hours

Class Skills:
Detect Ambush/Trap +4
Hunting +3
Navigate +3
Tracking +6
Wilderness Survival +4

Equipment: none

Notes: all plant mutations for this guy.  Photodependent is a nice logical defect for this guy, although he won't be doing much scouting at night.  Shapechange was a result of a 'choose one mutation' roll.  Seemed fitting to have a disguise ability like that for a scout.


  1. :) i am actually thinking of getting each person to play two characters if they are interesting. i think your first character would be interesting to play. need to think a lot more about your actions.
    overall they all look cool.

  2. My favorite edition of Gamma World!!

  3. Do you have any thoughts on the new Gamma World?

  4. Grumpy--I do. We've played it full on once, and a couple weeks ago we used our new edition characters in an old module.

    I like quite a bit about it. Character creation is fairly fun, without all the agonizing of 3E/4E. You roll on a bunch of random tables and try to make it all make sense.

    The cards for alpha mutations and omega tech are fun, and a good way to simplify some of the older Gamma World's idiosyncrasies that some people I know of didn't like (like random, potentially sucky, mutations your character's whole career).

    But overall, it seemed more of an occasional one-off type game, more than something you'd want to build long campaigns around.

    So like Brutorz Bill, TSR '92 4th Edition remains my favorite (but I still need to check out Mutant Future one of these days...)

    Josh, our GM for Gamma World, the anonymous poster above, may have some opinions about it too. I'll mention it to him and see if he wants to comment.

  5. you pretty much summed it up. it plays like a tabletop war game. a lot of the depth has been removed. while older gamers remember the depth and can bring it to the game, newer gamers are getting a real two dimensional picture of what is a very rich, deep role-playing area. i ended up a bit bored with it by the end of the second game and while the alpha mutations were fun, they are expensive to get more of and we used almost every single one by the end of the second session. having massive rolling tables before encounters would be much more interesting, easier on the pocket book and have greater replay than a small finite card group of approximately forty cards. overall, thought it played well, had good mechanics, but was too shallow a world to really get a handle of. really wanted to like it though.

  6. Thank you - I asked becuase I have heard rumors Ravenloft (a favorite of mine) will receive a similar setting treatment. However, this rumor might have been confused - or true once and then the facts changed - as the Shadowfell got a similar treatment. Namely, a boxed set, a deck of cards (detailing moods such as "frightened" rather than shifting superpowers) and classes for things vampire. Also, Ravenloft was originally seen as a "weekend in hell" type of setting, rather than a home to full settings. Anyway, thanks.