Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My dice pass the Delta Test

Delta posted about dice balance tests today, linking to an older post he did with a method to test dice here

Armed with that method, I decided to test the old 'fill in the groove with crayon' dice I got in my Basic, Expert, and Star Frontiers box sets from TSR from 84 to 86.

And they all passed as balanced dice. 

I'm actually a little surprised that they all passed.  I was sure the rounded edges/vertices or just general wear and tear would have done the deed.  Of course, a second round of testing might be in order, as a few were fairly close to the statistical border Delta mentions.  But they're all in the balanced range, even after 25+ years of use.

Good to know. 

Not that I was planning on buying any Game Science precision cut dice or anything, but just out of curiosity, I wanted to know. 

Now, some of the six-siders I picked up at the 100-yen shops in Japan might bear testing next...

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