Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gamma World on the Brain

After our game last Saturday, we've been having a little discussion on Facebook about continuing to play Gamma World with Josh while he's here in Busan for the summer. 

Josh is now thinking of running the 3E modules with 4E (as in 1992 TSR 4th edition) rules.  It'll take some modification for the modules either way, but he's not super excited about the 2010 edition, as the monster section is so small.  He did mention that he's considering keeping the Alpha Mutation cards, as we all enjoy the wackiness they add.  Not sure how well all of them would play with the 1992 rules, but that's Josh's problem, not mine, thankfully!

Anyway, the choice of 1992 4E GW was because it's the version I've got on my bookshelf and have played quite a bit (although it's been a few years).  I'm bogged down in yet another paper/presentation for grad school which I should be working on instead of writing this blog right now.  I don't have time to get a hold of and look up character creation or combat basics in 3E GW.  I remember it uses the FASERIP system with the color/bar chart for task resolution, but I've only used that with a brief flirtation with TSR's Marvel Super-heroes game.  4E is good for me, as I still have a lot of its rules and systems not buried too deeply in the old brain.

So I'm looking forward to rolling up a new mutant (or maybe a PSH, which I don't think you can even play in WotC's Gamma World) and exploring more ruins and figuring out what's merely junk and what's a super awesome weapon that we can use to blast some Serfs or Hoops or the Knights of Genetic Purity.

But for now, back to that research paper. 

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