Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Why are stirges gluttonous?

Having dealt with stirges in some games recently as both player and DM, and in Pool of Radiance (still playing it!), I was wondering today why they will suck you dry if allowed

Mosquitoes don't do that. Ticks definitly bloat themselves, but detach before they pop themselves. I assume leeches do as well. So should stirges.

Idea: once a stirge has drained more than double its hit points, it detaches and flees to spawn.


  1. Now I am picturing a fighter letting one attach to himself and cleric constantly healing him just to see how big it will get.

  2. In 2e there is this: "When a stirge drains a total of 12 points of blood from a victim, it becomes bloated and flies off to digest its protein-rich meal" ... which is as good as matches up with the average of double the 1+1 HD =)

    1. It figures that 2E would add this. It was the most "Gygaxian ecology" edition to date. :D

      Thanks for the reference.