Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Halloween Seasonal Monsters

Wow, that's a generic title! There are tons of monsters in D&D that fit the Halloween season.

But I'm going way back for this one.

The "pumpkin-head" bugbear.

I've got a Jack-o-Lantern monster (from my old Beast of the Week series), but I'm thinking that in my upcoming session of West Marches, I need to throw in some of these guys. Pumpkin-head bugbears. The group has fought regular bugbears before, but I think this time I'll throw in this twist and see what happens.

I don't remember if it was someone's blog, or maybe one of the D&D themed videos I was watching on YouTube, but recently someone was complaining about the overuse of bugbears in modules. Well, slap a pumpkin head on them and I think there's less reason to complain about them appearing so often.


  1. I'm preatty sure the bugbear hate is present on the Blackrazor. I couldn't find it just now, though. Only a reference to not having written the "bugbear hate post" yet.

    Given what the name "bugbear" would suggest to someone never having known role-playing games by anything but passing mention, they shouldn't be just one king anyway, right? The illustration in odad works. The next encounter with such buggers might just be old men with long nails.

  2. Yeah, it probably was JB who was complaining about the bugbears everywhere in Gygax modules. :D

    And I completely agree. Monsters should be monstrous, and not always part of some perfectly sorted Linnean typology.