Sunday, September 22, 2019

When it rains, it pours

Yesterday I ran West Marches again. Having just secured five magic weapons in the previous session, they set out to gather up some extra fertile mud they'd heard about in a rumor (the local alchemist said he could use it to devise a formula for potions of growth) and an abandoned "centaur" temple with a flame that could enchant arrows.

They found both (and a few other things as well). And one of the random encounters they had was with a manticore. They managed to kill it (Goldie's wand of magic missiles helped a lot, removing 2/3 of its hit points! It shoots 3 missiles, and she rolled 6's for two of them). Then they thought of looking for its lair. I gave them a 2 in 6 chance of finding it, and they rolled it.

So I broke out the treasure tables and my d% dice. It had 4000cp. No silver. No chance for electrum. No gold (despite a 60% chance), no chance for platinum, no gems, now jewelry. Pretty meager haul. And then, yes, you saw this coming, magic items appeared.

2 items, plus one potion.

Roll 1: swords
Roll 2: ranged weapons
Roll 3: potion of levitation

Roll on swords table: normal sword +2
Roll on missile weapons table: longbow +1

So they've got even more magic weapons now. And they did manage to kill an ogre with some gold and nabbed some giant bee honey as well. And the alchemist will produce one potion of growth for them for free, and add that to the list of potions he can brew on demand.

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