Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Against the Ghouls

Another fun session of Dean's 5E Eberron game!

Against the Ghouls
Being a part of the continuing adventures of the redoubtable Green Knight Jack Summerisle, and companions various and sundry, in the subterranean kingdom of the most horrific ghouls.

Into the ghoulish capital! Our party, consisting of myself and my reliable giant cave weta steed Cassius, Rhea the Witch, Flagan the Halfling pugilist, and Jade the Ranger, penetrated into the streets of the dark cosmopolity. Few of the ghouls were in the streets, as most seemed to be attending to the great battle our allies were staging to give us this chance. We encountered a pair of ghouls standing before a floating, severed head, which sprayed some sort of black clouds from its mouth. The ghouls seemed to be using the clouds to observe the battle. We decided haste was in our best interest, and left them to their unholy viewing.

In the distance, red smoke rose from some sort of hellish manufactory, and we decided to head in that direction to investigate. We passed an elderly ghoul woman, sitting on her front stoop, who paid us no mind. She also seemed to have some means by which to view the battle, and was enraptured by it. Unfortunately, her giant zombie rabbit smelt our party, and attacked. It was a vicious brute, the size of a horse, and while it managed to toss both Rhea and myself around with its fearsome bite and a flick of its head, we managed to destroy it, along with a pony sized undead dog which apparently was attracted to the sound of combat.

Reaching the manufactory, we found it a nightmare place of slave labor and belching smog. A lone overseer ghoul stood watch over a group of slaves. My first instinct was to attack the monster, and free the unfortunates! Yet, my companions reasoned that it would be best to locate Connor, Jade's captured father, first, and free the slaves later. We managed to sneak past the overseer, and into the slave pens.

What luck! We found Connor, along with Morax a valiant Half-Orc and several other slaves. Curiously, all were dragon-marked. Rhea had some magical healing meat which could relieve a handful of them of the opiate stupor in which they were kept passive, and as to the shackles which held them to the walls, I hit them with my axe!

With a small party of freed slaves, we then set about the task of defeating the overseer. While he had some magical items that could move around the various stairways, gantries, and catwalks of the manufactory to hinder our progress, Jade's bow and Rhea's spells wore the overseer down, and Flagan managed to land the finishing blow. Keys located, we now need to find some place where Morax can brew a poultice to revive the other slaves, and then to escape from the city!

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