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Chanbara Mahotsukai

Here's a bit more of the new Chanbara draft I'm working on, the Mahotsukai [Magician] and its three profiles (subclasses or kits, however you want to think about it), the Onmyoji, Soryo and Yamabushi.

Mahotsukai [Magician]
Studious hermits, imperial exorcists, village medicine women, enlightened monks and more are all capable of harnessing the powers of magic in the Jade Islands. They are masters of spells and uncanny abilities that set them apart from normal men, yet they are still human rather than a part of the Spirit Realm. While they are less than formidable in physical combat, their arcane gifts allow them to battle creatures and deal with more mundane problems as well.
Hit Die: d6
Bonus Dice: Magic
Special Abilities
Magic Dice, Profile Ability
+1 Magic Die
Profile Ability
+1 Magic Die
+1 Magic Die
Profile Ability
+1 Magic Die
+1 Magic Die
Profile Ability
+2 Magic Dice
Unlike the other classes, mahotsukai gain spells. They begin knowing any three 1st level spells from their spell list, and gain two spells of any level which they can cast every time they gain a level. They may also learn spells from other mahotsukai or spirit creatures, from books of lore or other forms of research. The details of this will be handled by the GM. How a mahotsukai keeps their spells is up to the player. Maybe they keep a spell-book or a long, illustrated scroll. Perhaps they are tattooed on the mahotsukai's body. They could simply be stored in the mahotsukai's memory. No matter how they are stored, the mahotsukai must prepare spells each day, up to the number shown on the level advancement chart of each spell level. A lower level spell can be prepared in the place of a higher level spell slot, but not the reverse, obviously. After a night's rest, the mahotsukai can prepare new spells.
Mahotsukai gain magic bonus dice (a d6). Any time a mahotsukai casts a spell, they can roll a standard magic die. If the result is 5 or more, the spell is not expended by the casting, and may be used again that day. Only one magic die may be used per round of combat. At first level, the mahotsukai gains three magic dice, plus or minus the prime ability bonus of their profile (minimum one). Expended magic dice are refreshed after a night's rest.

Mahotsukai Profiles
Onmyoji: Onmyoji [Exorcist] are trained astrologers, geomancers and monster-hunters. Those in imperial service work to predict disasters and protect the imperial family from evil spirits and magic, while independent Onmyoji are most likely wilderness hermits or wanderers selling their services to commoners. Their prime ability is Int. Onmyoji may select the Kuge, Buke or Shukyo backgrounds. They gain the Astrology and Geomancy skills for free, and may select any four other skills from their background of choice. They are proficient with basic and classical weapons, and with light armor.
Onmyoji Special Abilities
1st level: Demon Hunter – Onmyoji gain a +1 bonus to hit and +2 bonus to damage with weapons when fighting demons, undead and spirits. Also, once per day per level, they may spend a magic die to increase their chance to hit and damage with weapons, as if it were a basic combat die.
3rd level: select either Summoning or View Fate.
Summoning – By spending one magic die, the onmyoji can summon a swarm of tiny creatures or else a number of larger creatures (no more than 2 HD) equal to 1 plus Int modifier (minimum 1) that serve the onmyoji for 10 minutes. Each onmyoji must select one type of creature: furred, feathered, scaled or shelled. Once chosen this cannot be changed.
View Fate – By spending a magic die, the onmyoji gains the ability to see coming future events and react to them. All rolls to hit in combat (but not damage), saving throws and rolls for spell variables may be rolled twice and the better result taken for 1 minute (10 rounds).
6th level: select either Destroy Undead or Expulsion.
Destroy Undead – By spending one magic die, the onmyoji forces a number of undead creatures equal to the magic die result, with hit dice no higher than the onmyoji's level, to save vs. fire or be instantly destroyed.
Expulsion – By spending one magic die, the onmyoji forces one life force that is possessing another to save vs. earth, with a penalty equal to the magic die result, to leave the host body.
9th level: select from Impart Spell or Mysticism.
Impart Spell – By spending one magic die, the onmyoji can cast a spell that only affects the caster and have it also affect one plus the onmyoji's Int mod (minimum 1) other creatures.
Mysticism – When using a magic die as a combat die (see Demon Hunter above), the onmyoji can both cast a spell and make an attack with a weapon in the same round, with the magic die bonus adding to the hit and damage rolls as normal.

Soryo: Soryo [Priest] are holy men and women who use their enlightenment and the connection to the divine to power their magic. Some are monks and nuns from remote monasteries, others tend local temples or shrines, while others still are part of a larger sect which seeks to spread its influence. Their prime ability is Cha. While they may come from any class, their religious training usually begins young leaving them with a choice of either Buke or Shukyo for background. They gain the Religion skill for free, and may choose either Leadership or Letters. They also gain any three other skills from their background of choice. Soryo are proficient with basic weapons but are not proficient in any type of armor.
Soryo Special Abilities
1st level: Inspiring Word – By spending a magic die, the soryo inspires all allies within 30', who gain a +2 bonus to attacks and saving throws for a number of rounds equal to the magic die result.
3rd level: select either Appeal or Unravel.
Appeal – By spending a magic die, the soryo improves the Reaction level of a single NPC two steps (from Violent to Unsure, Hostile to Friendly, etc.) for a number of rounds equal to the magic die result. This is a charm effect.
Unravel – By spending a magic die, the soryo has a chance to counter a spell that has been cast by a creature or hostile mahotsukai. The result of the die roll must match or beat the level of the spell for the counter-spell to take effect.
6th level: select either Strength of Will or Warded Spirit.
Strength of Will – If a saving throw is failed, the soryo may roll a magic die and add the result to the save roll as a reaction. If this is still not enough to pass the saving throw, a number of hit points equal to the difference between the save TN and the number rolled may be spent in order to pass the save. If the soryo already acted this round and used a magic die, they may still use this ability but may NOT use a magic die in the following round, or for subsequent saving throws this round.
Warded Spirit – The soryo is immune to possession, attempts to possess the soryo automatically fail. This ability does not require spending any magic dice.
9th level: select either Incite or Vision.
Incite – By spending a magic die, the soryo causes all opponents within 60' to bicker and argue, causing them to suffer a -2 penalty to hit, damage and saving throw rolls for 10 minutes. This is a charm effect.
Vision – By spending a magic die, the soryo gains true sight, being able to see all illusions, transformations, disguises, secret doors, hidden traps, invisible objects, etc. for 10 minutes.

Yamabushi: Yamabushi [Mountain Ascetic] are priests and priestesses who turn to a secluded life in the wilderness, where they are constantly tested by the elements and nature. This testing and purification gives them holy powers and magical ability. Their prime ability is Wis. Yamabushi may select the Shukyo, Noumin, or Chounin backgrounds. They gain the Mysticism and Woodscraft skills for free, and may select any four other skills from their background of choice. They are proficient with basic and ninja weapons and light armor.
Yamabushi Special Abilities
1st level: Tested – The soryo becomes attuned to one element (fire, water, wood, metal, or earth), gaining a +2 bonus to saves against spells or abilities keyed to that element. This ability does not require spending any magic dice.
3rd level: select either Know Aspect or Transmute.
Know Aspect – By spending a magic die, the yamabushi can detect any cosmic forces that surround creatures (yin, yang, the five elements, ki), if it is a spirit creature, and any cosmic weaknesses it may possess, up to a range of 60' for one minute per point of the magic die result.
Transmute – By spending one magic die, the yamabushi can change the energy type (fire, cold, electricity, sonic, force, acid) of a spell being cast into another energy type.
6th level: select either Guardian or Storm.
Guardian – By spending a magic die, the yamabushi summons a totem animal: White Tiger removes all hindering physical effects; Red Bird restores all hit points; Green Dragon removes all hindering magical effects; Black Tortoise restores ability score loss; Yellow Unicorn restores a number of spell slots equal to your Wis modifier (minimum 1). Each totem may be summoned only once per day.
Storm – By spending a magic die, the yamabushi creates a magical elemental attack (5' radius thunder clap; 10' cone water wave; 5' radius ice burst; 15' line lightning bolt; 15' line wind gust; or 10' cone firestorm) that automatically hits, dealing 2d6 damage plus an amount equal to the magic die result multiplied by the yamabushi's Wis modifier (minimum 1) to all in the area.
9th level: select either Cloud Form or Resistance.
Cloud Form – By spending a magic die, the yamabushi, with all gear carried, becomes gaseous for one minute per point of the magic die result.
Resistance – The yamabushi becomes immune to one energy type (fire, cold, electricity, sonic, force, acid). This ability does not require spending any magic dice. By spending a magic die, the yamabushi gains resistance to one additional energy type for a number of rounds equal to their Wis modifier (minimum 1).

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  1. Hey, I'm a huge wuxia fan (less so of chanbara, but I love Kurosawa movies, and I enjoyed 13 Assassins and L5R) and I really like Flying Swordsmen's setting. I'd also like to practice my mapping abilities. Would you mind if I gave Zhongyang Dalu a whirl? Not asking for any money, of course. I'd also like to do a map of the setting of Chanbara, if you'd be okay with that.