Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Basic Monsters Set 3 is available!

Well, I guess people were waiting for me to finish the set! Within the past 2 or 3 days, without me even mentioning it on the blog or G+ yet (been busy with special summer classes), I've already sold 3 copies of the new book, plus several copies of the older books each. Sales over the past couple days equaled all the sales I've made up to that point. Surpassed them, actually.

Thanks to those who've picked up my books so far. I hope they come in handy for your games!

I've been living in semi-exile the past two and a half weeks, at the ass end of Busan, teaching classes for Samsung Electronics. So I instead of posting a big detailed thing about Basic Monsters Set 3, I'll just tell you that this book completes the set from the '83 Red Box (knowwatImean?), from Neanderthal to Zombie, with orcs, owlbears, rust monsters, snakes, spiders, wolves, etc.

Where can you get it? Well, click that link on the right side of the screen. ===>

It's only $5 for 37 fold-up paper minis that you can print out to your heart's content (or until your printer cartridge is expended I guess).

I'll be in the U.S. for a much needed month long vacation from next week. I'll try to get the next couple of Mentzer Cover to Cover posts up in a queue to be automatically posted while I'm away. When I get back in August (or more likely when the semester starts in September) I'll get to work on Advanced Adventurers (covering AD&D/3E type classes not in Classic D&D) and Expert Monsters (covering the Mentzer Expert Set critters).  So expect those out over the course of the fall/winter.