Friday, November 25, 2011

Stop the Presses!!!

Just checked DeviantArt.  I'd sent messages a while back begging a few artists there for cover-worthy material for Flying Swordsman.

And I just got a "Yes" from Daxiong Guo.

Who is he?  Well, read about him here, and take a look at his work here.  In addition to a ton of books and comics when he was in China, he's been working for Dark Horse and DC Comics since coming to the U.S., among other things.  Top notch artwork here.

I am really happy right now.  But the little guy's asleep (so is the wife) so no jumping and yelling with joy. 


  1. That is fantastic news! Well done! He seems an excellent choice.

  2. Wow, his work looks classy. Great result!

  3. Very cool! I'm looking forward to this product more and more. Are you going to allow outside publishers to make adventure modules for you? I, for one, would be interested.

  4. Thanks, guys! Now I just need to decide which picture to borrow from him!

    Crockett - The product is OGL, and definitely open to anyone making supplements and modules for it.

    If you want to use my campaign world, that's cool too. I'm not releasing the campaign setting as OGL, but if anyone wants to set there module there instead of making it generic pseudo-China, all they have to do is ask for permission. And you've got it.

  5. Hi, my name is Marc! I found your blog like a month ago while searching for D&D in Busan (quite unsuccesfully)and I see that you have some campaigns going on. I'm an exchange student here in Busan and I would love it if I could join you guys one of these days. I kinda miss my nerdy life back in Spain. I've played only D&D 3.5 but any kind of campaign would be great (I read player manuals as a hobby, so no problems here xD). Anyways, if you're missing players at any point, I would gladly help there xD I'll leave my mail:

    Love your blog, btw! And Congrats for the good news!

  6. Hey Marc, it's maybe too short notice, but we've got a Pathfinder game starting today (Sunday) at 2:30 at Fully Booked in the KSU area. We've got an extra spot, so I'll ask Brian (who posts here as BeeRock) about adding you next time.

    Glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks!

  7. (this is Jeremy)
    belated 'grats! looks like a great artist!

  8. Similar quality should be pursued in a logo. Nothing worse than a beautiful cover with "coupon book" typography. You need some epic calligraphy, like the kind made for the Chinese Ghost Story films, Legend of Zu, etc.

  9. I'll do the best I can on the budget I've got. Lee, you any good at calligraphy?