Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pathfinder game begins

Just got back from the first session of our new Pathfinder campaign, run by Brian.  It went well, although the venue was a bit noisy, especially toward the end of the evening.

When we first started up, things were sounding familiar to me, and by the time we got to the dungeon and Brian mentioned the name, I realized that yes, this was indeed the adventure I'd partially played way back with the Ebisu Group in maybe 2006.  It didn't play out the same way as before, of course, and while I did remember some things, I didn't remember enough to avoid a trap or two. 

And in fact, we covered more territory tonight than we did before with the Ebisu group, at least as far as exploring the tomb dungeon.  With the Ebisu Group, we spent a lot of time in town, fixing up the shack we were using as a home base, and committing and hiding the murder of the town's sheriff (who was Evil and had it coming).  Today we spent only a modest amount of time in town, and then hit the dungeon and explored quite a bit of it.

There wasn't much combat, but what combat there was went fairly fast and easy.  We sprang some traps, gathered evidence, and solved a few puzzles.  Gained some loot along the way, too.  Next session, we'll try to get the magic items identified, fence the loot...I mean pass the historical objects on to the sage who hired us, and get a bit better equipment, then head back to explore the rest of the ruin.

No deaths, although I was down to 1 hit point due to a Use Magic Device malfunction, and Jeremy's Warforged Fighter got taken down to negatives by a water elemental who was luckily evil so I was able to smite it to its watery grave.  A heroic untrained Craft skill check by Greg's juvenile delinquent Half-Elf Rogue, aided by my Paladin and Robbie's Sorcerer, brought the Warforged back into commission, and some magical beds healed up the rest of us, more or less.

Definitely looking forward to the next session, probably in three weeks.


  1. My recollection is you guys were trying to stop cattle rustlers - Steve

    Or that might have been a different diverging game where the guys wouldn't take the hook - part of the reason why now I dig sandbox - no hook. Peace.

  2. That's right! Cattle Rustlers. Pete's Paladin was convinced they were behind it all,and kinda led us along for the ride.

    Thanks, Steve!

  3. Got a love-hate relationship with Pathfinder. While the streamlined all of the mechanics and did lots of cool things with the character classes, I find the supernatural, extraordinary, and spell-like abilities (not to mention copious bonus feats) to be way, way overkill. I have a problem with Rangers using magic back in 2nd edition--the overabundance of feats and special abilities in Pathfinder is just way too much for me. Other than that, I dig the system and the setting looks really, really cool.