Wednesday, August 3, 2011

There's just something about dinosaurs

There really is, isn't there?

Yesterday we took our son to a dinosaur exhibit at the local convention center, BEXCO.  It was half strange insert yourself into Biblical art thingy, a magic show, and giant robo-tronic dinosaurs.  My son was pretty much only interested in the dinosaurs and the obligatory toy shop set up inside every children's event there.

Preparing for Module X1

When I heard the exhibit was on, sometime last week, and we decided to go, it got me thinking about the good old thunder lizards. 

Specifically, about all the OA games I've run in the past.  Why did I never include dinosaurs in them?  I mean, really, Isle of Dread is based off of King Kong, which is a modern pulp story, so doesn't that mean it translates just as easily to a "katana and kung fu" setting as it does a "swords and sorcery" setting?

I've never pitted samurai and Taoist magicians against stegosaurus and T-Rex.  Why not?  I don't know.  It's not like other people haven't thought of the idea already.  I've just never utilized it.  But I'm tempted now to include some sort of Lost Valley in one of the Flying Swordsmen modules I'm planning for when I finally get the rule set finished.


  1. Isle of Dread research = museum trip

    Much respect!

  2. I love the idea of mixing an OA style setting with dinosaurs.

  3. hey gwydion, its ronin_akikage... left a message for you @ dragonsfoot... havent had internet in a while, though I have access to it... Looking forward to Flying Swordsmen, and i hope to give advice to your manuscript...

    And a Lost Valley area in Flying Swordsmen would be AWESOME!