Friday, August 26, 2011

My project for next week

The Flying Swordsmen draft is coming along nicely.  I've just finished an alphabetical listing of spells.  I still need to add page numbers, but until I get into the formatting phase (still a while off), there's no point in doing that.  I've also decided to nix the appendices with the "100 Chinese family names" and the Pinyin/Wade-Giles pronunciation guides.  This is a fantasy RPG, not a history text.  Who cares if people pronounce Cao Cao so it sounds like a pair of bovine?  Or if they name their character Sum Yong Gai? 

So that frees up a couple more pages for other stuff (probably more art).  I'm shooting for a 120 page book when this is all said and done.  Although a switch from single column format to double column format might allow me to reduce that further.  I'm still not sure about that.  Printed, I like double column, but if most people are reading this on computer screens, single column is better. 

Anyway, that leaves me with really two more big projects to complete.  One is adding in some descriptive flavor text at the beginning of each chapter.  The other, the one I'm gonna try to tackle next week, is designing a character sheet that's both simple and complete.  Oh, and that looks good.  We'll see how well I do on that last part.


  1. I would suggest keeping the names, at least. I remember having great trouble coming up with names for characters when I ran Feng Shui, and just making them up from thin air seemed wrong.

  2. Much good wishes in hitting your goals while having fun at the same time.